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Sophie is one of Australia’s most trending upcoming Choreographers. She is continually assisting and performing for numerous established industry professionals, therefore furthering her knowledge and skills in Production and Creative Direction. With a remarkable technical background, complimented by versatile exposure and training, Sophie has matured into a polished and dynamic Performer and Choreographer. Most recognised for her fusion between traditional broadway jazz and upbeat commercial styles, she loves to blend the old with the new. Her movement could be described as full bodied yet intricate and tasteful. Her many years training and performing with The Rockettes have emphasised the precision in her work and attention to detail. Sophie’s work ethic proves to be extremely efficient, with productivity being one of her strongest attributes. There is no denying that her vivacious presence is undoubtedly favoured in the industry.

Sophie Holloway has been a professional performer in the industry for over 10 years and in addition, she has rapidly become one of Australia's most sought after teachers and emerging choreographers. Sophie has amassed a diverse range of skills and proves to be continually versatile and innovative. Sophie is a highly respected and influential figure who teaches not just movement and skill but incorporates goal setting and positive self reflection into her teaching methods. Attention to detail, sophistication and her dynamic personality keep Sophie in high demand and employed nationwide.

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